• 31 March 2011
Introducing the Inaugural WebServes Impact Awards Contest!

Introducing the Inaugural WebServes Impact Awards Contest!

We know that it’s difficult for nonprofits to spread their message and make an impact on the world without a dynamic, tailored online presence. Unfortunately, many nonprofits with this need do not possess the funds for a suitable platform.

As a nonprofit, we understand this dilemma, but also, your need to connect with constituents, supporters, funders and partners. As such, we’re rolling out our inaugural Impact Awards Contest that will benefit three nonprofits that the WebServes community deems most worthy. Please keep in mind that we  are not looking for any particular mission or type of organization. You are a perfect candidate if you are a nonprofit that is passionate about your cause.  

Three winners will receive the benefit of services with a value up to $3,000. These services are available at no financial cost to your organization. It’s just our way of saying we know what you’re going through and we’re here to help.

To enter the contest, just complete two simple steps:

1) Select the “Like” button on our facebook page

2) Submit any relevant collateral (preferably a business plan or proposal in pdf format only) that describes your company and its technology needs to along with the name and contact information of the person or compant that has “liked” our facebook page.

After completing both steps, WebServes will confirm that your submission has been entered.

Please email for any questions.

  • 4 March 2011
We hosted the “Technology and Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits” Meetup

We hosted the “Technology and Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits” Meetup

WebServes had the pleasure of hosting the “Technology and Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits” Meetup event on 2/28. James and Peter were able to provide insight into the manner in which nonprofits should approach their technology strategy. (Tip: always keep the technology’s users in mind.) We were joined by Save’N Donate, who presented their e-commerce donation app.

Check out out Flickr page for more photos:

  • 24 February 2011
A Fixed, Unmoving Core: Why Your Home Page Belongs at the Center of Your Strategy

A Fixed, Unmoving Core: Why Your Home Page Belongs at the Center of Your Strategy

Check out this slick-looking, seriously informative piece from It’s a one-click tutorial on what you need to be doing for a complete web marketing strategy. It could even be used as a circular to-do list.


At the center of it all is landing pages- your company’s web home, a site specifically commissioned for you that your company has total control over.

Why is your company’s web site at the center? Why isn’t social networking there, if it’s so popular?

Matt McGee, an expert in online marketing, points out a sobering fact: social networking, although it is important, shouldn’t be at the center of your strategy because of the fact that those technologies lie outside of your control. He gives the examples of AOL and Myspace: they were on top of the online world in the 1990’s and 2000’s, but they’re gone now.

“Facebook and Twitter could disappear a year from now. It doesn’t seem likely, but neither did the fall of AOL and MySpace.” -Matt McGee

He has some positive advice to give after this ominous prediction: make your own home page that you have control over. It will last as long as you need it to, a completely customizable, permanent nexus of your online strategy. No matter what other trends come and go, lighting up the flickering online landscape in their meteoric rises and falls, hyper text transfer protocol (http,) the technology your company’s private site is built on, is going nowhere.

  • 22 February 2011

WebServes developers are busy working on a complex and ecologically helpful system for Environmental Management Consultants, an industrial management firm.

It’s called EMC Metrics, and it’s a web application that will allow managers of industrial facilities to keep track of key attributes such as energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. The users will be able to log in from any computer or smart phone and check real-time data to make sure that their factories are complying with their company’s sustainability goals.

Basically, companies will be able to easily make sure that they’re not polluting too much or wasting energy. Practicing business sustainably is challenging, but with the help of technological solutions such as this, companies can stay on top of staying green.

Free Marketing From Your Email Signature

Here’s a nonprofit marketing tip from Nancy E. Schwartz at Getting Attention. The results are surprisingly powerful, even though it takes no resources. It’s also very speedy to put into place.

We do everything with email, so let’s use this ubiquitous medium to its full potential. Remember that your email has a built-in signature at the end. Every organization employee ought to create a signature line that includes their name, contact info, position and a URL to the organization’s web site. Here’s the format:

Organization Name
Web addressPhone 
An example:

David Wall
Information Technology Director
Hubert Foundation
http://www.hubertfoundation.orgPhone (555) 456-897
Fax (435) 555-7634
The traditional letter signature includes the street address, but Nancy E. Schwartz recommends we get rid of the street address and include the web address instead. You can also just simplify it to a few lines, and add a personal touch or a tagline that encourages the reader to click on the URL. Be sure that it fits in with the overall style of all of your organization’s external communications, since it is your modern-day calling card. Here’s a simplified example:

Jessica Sockington
Assistant Marketing Director“A penny saved is a life improved”

Look in your email program’s help feature with the keyword “signature” to find out how to implement this useful tool. Web-based email accounts and smart phones also have this available in the settings. 
Once you do this, you’ll definitely notice more attention coming your way.