About Us

Founded in 2004, WebServes (WS) is an 18-year-old technology services provider that enables nonprofits, NGOs, small businesses, start-ups, and others to fully benefit from the available web and Internet-based technologies and platforms. WS does so by offering customized, flexible, and affordable technical and creative services – such as assessments, consulting, integrated digital marketing, web application design/development, content creation/strategy, and ongoing technical support, among others.

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WebServes was founded in NYC in the aftermath of 9/11, as the support system for neighborhood, community, and small-to-midsize nonprofit organizations became increasingly fragile in the NY and Tri-State area. This period only exacerbated an existing national trend of underfunding critical technologies and programs upon which these organizations relied, or from which they could benefit.
While well-defined programs may be funded by private and corporate foundations, the very technologies that enabled those programs were rarely funded. This has produced a technology gap that has differentiated for-profit from non-profit ventures; a trend that is only slowly changing in recognition of the critical enabling technologies available. WebServes has long sought to bridge that gap by offering affordable access to technology for such underfunded organizations. WS offers the kind of counseling, education, and facilitation that make the technologies not only available to its client groups but also increase their knowledgeable and effective use.