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WebServes was conceived in part to provide a bridge between the classroom and the real world. We offer an immersive, on-the-job educational framework that contributes directly to the positioning of our Tech Agents’ integration into professional environments.
WebServes has also been guided by a conscious commitment to greater inclusion of women and others who have been historically under-represented in the ranks of tech workers in the U.S. economy. These values have dominated our recruitment and mentoring well before STEM and STEAM became watchwords in our educational and workforce development vocabulary.
We believe that diversity is a strength, and pride ourselves on the ability to provide a rewarding experience by creating a collaborative environment. Whether students, recent graduates, un- or under-employed, or those seeking new skills, WebServes is committed to the mentoring and training of its Tech Agents and Volunteers.

Tech Agent

Tech Agents are students, recent graduates, or anyone looking to gain new technology skills. We are committed to the mentoring and training of all our Agents.
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You don’t have to be a techie to help us fulfill our mission of providing high-quality, affordable technology services. Support us by donating your time, talent, and experience.
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As a professional you have a lot to offer. Put your experience to good use as a mentor to Tech Agents.
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