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Many organizations are challenged by the lack of affordable and cost-effective technology resources and must identify a reliable tech partner for advice, assessment, design, implementation, and support. WebServes can be that partner for you. As a nonprofit, WebServes is a committed facilitator and partner to other organizations to promote positive social value and effective change.
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Commitment to Service During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We at WebServes would like to reaffirm our commitment to our community of service, clients, and stakeholders alike. Despite the difficult times the city, the country, and the world are facing, we are dedicated to assisting and supporting you and your organizations. Our relationships will be sustained in all of the areas currently in place. We are attentive to answering any questions that may arise during this pandemic. Due to the current state of affairs, the physical office is closed until further notice. Our virtual office is open.

We are monitoring the status of our supported client websites. However, you may reach out to us for anything associated with our identified service offerings, especially if you need support or response to the unique circumstances we currently face. If you have new issues, wish to explore technology solutions, or review current technology practices and platforms, we are here to help.
Be careful (and be kind), thank you.
March 31, 2020

Modified Operating Hours

Our office at 120 Wall Street will remain closed until further notice.
We are working remotely and the best ways to contact us are:
For General inquiries or new requests:
For technical issues, troubleshooting and web updates:
Video/Voice Chat: Individuals may also schedule calls via Google Meet or Zoom.
Send email request with calendar preferences.

COVID-19 Resources

Check out WebServes’ COVID-19 Resources
Check out WebServes’ COVID-19 RESOURCES


Nonprofits That Code

WebServes is pleased to announce its role as the organizer of Nonprofits That Code (NPTC). NPTC is a Meetup for tech and non-tech individuals who desire to improve the development of software products and services that benefit nonprofits and their constituencies.Event activities will seek to benefit designers and developers of digital products and the nonprofit organizations that inspire (and hire) them. Upcoming NPTC events will provide an opportunity for the communities within the nonprofit tech space to collaborate, grow and learn from each other. In addition to networking opportunities, NPTC provides a platform for presentations, panel discussions, workshops and more. More about Nonprofits That Code.

A Call to Action and Empathy

The mPathy Project is seeking its next challenge host to receive the benefit of a web/mobile app development effort. If you are (or know) a Nonprofit/NGO that seeks to implement web and mobile technology solutions to drive your cause and make a bigger difference in the lives of your constituents then look into becoming an mPathy Challenge Host.
More info: The mPathy Project.


Featured Projects

Staten Island Children's Museum (SICM) provides the children of Staten Island with a creative and nurturing learning environment. They had not had a website review in over 8 years. That site was viewed by SICM as inadequate to their current needs and will be adapted to its primary audience. <br/> <br/> WebServes was invited to consult with SICM on how best to promote, educate, and notify its audience via its very critical web presence. After thorough review of SICM's online needs, WebServes proposed a restructuring and new content strategy for its new website, which was launched in February of 2014.<br/> <br/> <a href='' target='_blank'> Visit The Site </a>
Gulf To Gulf addresses climate change by integrating Art and Science. <br /> WebServes hosts, developed and launched the website as a public web portal to deliver relevant information, media content and announcements of activity and events related to Gulf To Gulf project. WebServes provided the design and programming for its launch in 2014. <br/> <br/> <a href='' target='_blank'> Visit The Site </a>
All Star Code works to closing the opportunity gap between young men of color and the tech industry. <br /> WebServes assisted All Star Code in evaluating their online presence to promote their startup seeking to advance the professional lives of black youth in tech fields. WebServes created the current All Star Code web presence, online application, and social media integration. <br/> <br/> <a href='' target='_blank'> Visit The Site </a>
The Chain Collaborative was founded in 2014 by Nora Burkey, whose passionate interest in sustainable development led to a passion for the coffee industry. TCC consists of experts who establish and develop connections between different parties in the coffee community. This can range from connecting consumers to nonprofits that specialize in coffee sustainability, to connecting coffee farmers with businesses or importers that are looking to collaborate. <br /> WebServes revamped their website to help increase TCC’s web presence by making the site an aesthetic, informative resource for collaborators and interested parties. <br/> <br/> <a href='' target='_blank'> Visit The Site </a>