Increase Volunteer Engagement for your Nonprofit with These 4 Amazing Tools: Download the Guide

  • 11 June 2018
Increase Volunteer Engagement for your Nonprofit with These 4 Amazing Tools: Download the Guide

Increase Volunteer Engagement for your Nonprofit with These 4 Amazing Tools: Download the Guide

In our previous blog post, we highlighted how technology has changed the way nonprofits connect with volunteers, use their help and manage them. As volunteers form an integral part of a nonprofit organization, investing in volunteer management software can be extremely useful and can ease the workload for your existing team members.

Before looking at any volunteer management software, it is good to evaluate if your existing donor management/fundraising software lets you perform many basic tasks of volunteer management. Some of the tools provide more functionality than others and can be one-stop solutions, depending on your nonprofit’s needs.

Learn more about these tools here on our blog

What is Volunteer Management and why is it important?

Volunteer management comprises all the steps that your nonprofit takes to recruit a volunteer, track their work, engage and retain them. Volunteers do not contribute financially to your organization directly, but they definitely influence your nonprofit by supporting your cause and spreading the word among their peers. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you prioritize volunteer engagement effectively by developing the right strategy for it and leveraging the right technology to implement it.

Typical features of Volunteer Management Software:

  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Volunteer Communications
  • Volunteer Activity Tracking
  • Volunteer Scheduling
  • Volunteer Portals

There is a lot of volunteer management software in the market but we have filtered them using the G2 crowd grid.

G2 crowd has developed a grid scoring for different software tools, which have all the above features and have plotted them in four quadrants highlighting the leaders, high performers, contenders and niche players in the market. Each product has a score for its market presence and customer satisfaction.

See Fig1 below.

g2 crowd grid

Below are the four tools which we have shortlisted and will be more suitable for nonprofit organizations who are looking for optimal volunteer management solution without burning a hole in their pockets.

You can download our comprehensive guide to learn about their pricing and features compared side by side.

  1. Get Connected by Galaxy Digital
  2. Higher Logic
  3. Singup.Com
  4. Sign Up Genius

Some of the Benefits of Using Volunteer Management Software:

  • Streamline the recruitment process to increase the number of volunteer’s enrollment
  • Design and customize communication to improve volunteer engagement across projects
  • Track and analyze volunteer activities to maximize resource utilization
  • Share project details, schedules, etc. in advance with the volunteers to have a better volunteer match for each project.
  • Create long-term relationship with volunteers with the help of separate online volunteer portals

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