Is Technology the Answer to Better Volunteer Engagement?

  • 23 May 2018
Is Technology the Answer to Better Volunteer Engagement?

Is Technology the Answer to Better Volunteer Engagement?

Volunteers are often the backbone of any nonprofit organization. They are valuable assets and not engaging with them optimally, may impact your mission.

Hope you had great celebrations for National Volunteer Week 2018 and engaged with your volunteers. Even if you did not, no worries it is a perfect time to learn about how technology can help you engage with your volunteers better.

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"Volunteering is an act of heroism on a grand scale. And it matters profoundly. It does more than help people beat the odds; it changes the odds." - William J. Clinton

Technology has definitely changed the way your nonprofits connect with volunteers, use their help and manage them today compared to what it was a decade ago. Therefore it is imperative to learn and explore about ways in which to use technology to engage and work with volunteers.

1) How to establish a connection and communicate with volunteers?

Through Social Media Technology

  • Easy to recruit and communicate with volunteer
  • Build community or network of volunteers
  • Create Facebook or LinkedIn page for your volunteer program
  • Reach out to social media followers with engaging content

2) How to use Volunteers help?

Virtual Volunteering

  • Lot of volunteer work can be achieved remotely
  • Skype meetings, Google Hangouts, Virtual meetings are very useful and save a lot of time and money

3) How to manage the Volunteers?

Through Volunteer Management Software

Organizations that rely heavily on volunteers and lack assets to pay a full staff, will find volunteer management software to be extremely useful.

If you are required to work with only a few volunteers, you may choose to use spreadsheets for tracking volunteers. However if your volunteer list expands to more than 10, you’ll need more robust software or web-based tool.

What is a Volunteer Management Software? Volunteer management software helps your nonprofit manage volunteer relationships. Similar to a donor database, volunteer management tools equip you with the tools to track a lot of data – for example, contact info, schedules, time sheets, activities.

5 best features of volunteer management software–

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