Welcome to your Needs Assessment Quiz


Animation and Flash

Does not land directly on your home page (Splash Pages)

Website needs flash player to download content

Too many buttons

Auto-play media

Background auto-play videos

Background music

Misaligned images

Slideshows with 25 or more images

Huge uncompressed image files

Cluttered Design

Multiple Elements

Difficult to navigate

Fonts and Texts

Scrolling and Blinking text

Inconsistent font types

Small font sizes

Responsive Design

"Best viewed" with Instructions

Not mobile friendly

Does not support all platforms


Outdated Information

"Copyright 2011" whereas the year is 2018

Former employees still listed

Incorrect contact information

Old Coding

Use of unnecessary HTML tags

Table based websites

Broken inbound and outbound links

Sub-Pages Content

Subsections (e.g. news/blogs) are neglected or not updated

Information about products or services which are no longer offered

Content Flow

Difficult to find right information

Links that are not clear about where they will take you

Absence of proper Call to Action buttons (CTA)


“Junk” Advertising pop-ups

Content of the page does not download in time