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  • 29 September 2011
WebServes September Newsletter

WebServes September Newsletter

What’s Happening at WebServes

WebServes has finished implementing the online ticketing and reservations system for the seventh annual Black and White Gala hosted by the Seamen’s Society for Children and Families (SSCF). The organization’s largest annual fundraising event honors former president Bill Clinton as the guest speaker, and foster parent Laura Graham as this year’s honoree. Reserve your ticket here, and check out their facebook page to see who else might be attending. At the end of October, we will follow up with the launch of a completely revamped website for SSCF at their new domain.

WebServes and Hello Tomorrow have finalized the development of the new brand and logo designs for this media agency’s website. WS has incorporated the re-visualized designs on their new landing page at hellotomorrow.tv. WS will be launching their inaugural website in late October.

                                    Bare Naked Bake Sale       
WebServes has launched a limited public beta for the Bare Naked Bake Sale site this month. Built on a customized drupal platform, this innovative crowd-sourcing site is being tested and reviewed by select users. Read the editorial about BNakedB on the blog, Crowdsourcing and visit their facebook page for any updates. Keep an eye out for the public beta release in October!

Camp Kinderland was severely impacted by the heavy winds and rain brought by Hurricane Irene. For over 80 years now, their organization has provided thousands of children with enriching and enjoyable summers (where else do you find a Peace Olympics?). Unfortunately, the road leading into camp has been destroyed by a water surge, and several other structures (including the lake’s dam) were also heavily damaged. As a long-time client (and Technology Partner) of ours, we would like to support them in the rebuilding of the camp. Please consider donating funds to assist Camp Kinderland.


Tips of the Month

Here are a few ideas from Kivi Leroux Miller’s webinar on social media strategy. A downloadable PDF version is available.. Try not to overwhelm your fans with information, instead, give them “snack-sized” bits of info. Not only will it help them to understand things more quickly, but it will also allow them to gather more information. Social media is all about quick updates, so be sure to keep your updates short and frequent. In sticking with this theme, we’ve created a short guide to social media.
According to Mashable, a great way to draw attention to a cause is through pop culture and memes. Even though a cause is serious, nonprofits are not limited to promoting them in a serious manner. Since pop culture is always trending, it’s easy to grab the audience’s attention with a notable catchphrase or image. Take a look at how the American Red Cross was able to use Charlie Sheen’s famous phrase, “Tiger Blood”, to promote blood donations.