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  • 24 February 2011
A Fixed, Unmoving Core: Why Your Home Page Belongs at the Center of Your Strategy

A Fixed, Unmoving Core: Why Your Home Page Belongs at the Center of Your Strategy

Check out this slick-looking, seriously informative piece from unbounce.com. It’s a one-click tutorial on what you need to be doing for a complete web marketing strategy. It could even be used as a circular to-do list.


At the center of it all is landing pages- your company’s web home, a site specifically commissioned for you that your company has total control over.

Why is your company’s web site at the center? Why isn’t social networking there, if it’s so popular?

Matt McGee, an expert in online marketing, points out a sobering fact: social networking, although it is important, shouldn’t be at the center of your strategy because of the fact that those technologies lie outside of your control. He gives the examples of AOL and Myspace: they were on top of the online world in the 1990’s and 2000’s, but they’re gone now.

“Facebook and Twitter could disappear a year from now. It doesn’t seem likely, but neither did the fall of AOL and MySpace.” -Matt McGee

He has some positive advice to give after this ominous prediction: make your own home page that you have control over. It will last as long as you need it to, a completely customizable, permanent nexus of your online strategy. No matter what other trends come and go, lighting up the flickering online landscape in their meteoric rises and falls, hyper text transfer protocol (http,) the technology your company’s private site is built on, is going nowhere.