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  • 24 July 2019



Are you reading this blog on a mobile device? Most likely..yes!

Mobile has risen: Apple’s release of iPhone in 2007, and subsequent releases of smartphones by Samsung and Google in the last decade has changed how users communicate in the digital world. Research indicates that 96% of Americans own a cellphone, 81% have a smartphone and 51% don’t have a landline. Those are some eye-popping statistics that cannot be overlooked.

First things first, what is a mobile-friendly website?

A website which provides a consistent experience across all devices such as cellphones, smartphones, tablets, and desktop. When you zoom, pinch or scroll the site, it should have the same display and functions of that of your desktop website. Basically, the content will rearrange itself to be mobile-friendly. For example, text may get larger, items may be rearranged to form one long column, images may resize, the menu may condense, etc.

Next, use this Google’s free tool to see if your nonprofit website is mobile-friendly. Take the test now. Click on the button below.

If your test results are not mobile-friendly then we highly recommend you read further and look into this issue immediately. Here are the three critical things that get impacted immensely when your nonprofit website is not mobile-friendly:

1. Potential Donors

2. Online Funds

3. Constituents’ Trust

You can also download our guide on Mobile Optimization: 5 easy tips to make your website mobile-friendly – Subscribe to our Blog

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#1 Potential Donors:

There are various scenarios that can prompt visitors and potential donors to check out your website on a mobile device: click through via Facebook page, click through via email or just looking for your contact info.

Websites that are not mobile-optimized take longer to load over mobile connections resulting in abandonment of the site. 61% of users are unlikely to return to a site on mobile if they had trouble accessing it and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead. 

If you check your website traffic report and find more than 35% of your audience looking at your site on mobile devices then you are missing out on the opportunity of engaging with potential donors. Please be mindful that Google prioritizes websites that are responsive. This means that your SEO ranking can take a hit directly impacting your website traffic and interaction with donors.

#2 Online Funds:

60% of donors researching your nonprofit online before making a donation do it on a mobile device. Donations coming from every channel needs your attention, especially the ones that come from online giving. In 2017 17% of online giving happened through mobile devices and 38% more submissions were made on mobile-friendly pages. What does this mean for your nonprofit? You'll be able to attract more funds with the mobile-friendly site.

#3 Constituents’ Trust:

 “57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile website” – SocPub . Testimonials from friends, colleagues and family and word of mouth carry great weight in nonprofit marketing and building relationships with your constituents. Failure to establish trust with them can hamper the growth of your nonprofit.

Now that you understand the impact of mobile-friendly websites we recommend you make the changes ASAP. If you need help, WebServes can assist you in designing your nonprofit website that is mobile-optimized. You can drop a comment below or contact us directly.

Download our guide on Mobile Optimization: 5 easy tips to make your website mobile-friendly – Subscribe to our Blog