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  • 17 May 2013
Prezi: A New Way to Make Presentations

Prezi: A New Way to Make Presentations

Prezi is a new, more interactive way to make presentations. It is like a Powerpoint presentation and an Infographic in one.

I love infographics and a lot of other people do too; they are everywhere and they are a buzz word in many blogs these days. Logically, Infographics have become more and more interactive, with clickable content, and embedded information that pops up when your cursor hovers over an aspect of the picture, but now, Prezi has combined the look of an Infographic with a Powerpoint-like presentation strategy. Prezi says:
Seeing is believing and a picture can tell a thousand words, but a picture doesn’t tell an entire story. A visual story has a flow and narrative, where images and words work together to present an idea or lesson.
Prezi allows users to create a presentation with pre-made templates, or the user can create one from scratch. If their is a Powerpoint that has already been made, it can be imported and parsed out into a newer visually stimulating adventure. With a basic template and a few minutes of content writing, I made one Take a Journey with WebServes: There are many more intricate things that can be done. Videos can be embedded. Links can be added. Graphics can be uploaded. And the best part is that Prezi is aiming this medium toward schools and educators. These presentations will keep kids' attention much more readily than the classic overhead projection of boring Powerpoint slides. Show us how you are using Prezi. We'd love to see them. ~Josef