WebServes December 2011 Newsletter

  • 14 December 2011
WebServes December 2011 Newsletter

WebServes December 2011 Newsletter

What’s Happening at WebServes

After years of helping other nonprofits with their donation campaigns, this month we have finally launched our own WebServes Education and Mentorship donation campaign on Causevox. WebServes needs donors that recognize the value of our skills development and experience-building program at WebServes. WE have provided thousands of hours of on-the-job experience to our Tech Agents (interns and volunteers) in the past year alone. Support our non-profit’s work by making an effective donation. Your donation will enable WebServes to:
·         Develop online training curriculum for our Tech Agents.
·         Recruit experts as mentors in the key areas of web and Internet technologies.
·         Provide access to online learning tools and resources.
·         Replace outdated computer equipment.
·         Cultivate relationships with job placement resources and employers.
·         Bolster relationships with post-graduate educational opportunities.
Your donation will not only support a great cause, but you will gain a tax deduction!

WebServes proudly announces the launch of Global Sound Project’s website. GSP is a non-profit organization that promotes cultural awareness and international collaboration through user- generated sharing of everyday sounds collected from around the world. GSP was a winner of our first 2011 Impact Award. Show your support by uploading a local sound to their website, or by purchasing some of their apparel. Also stay posted for news on 2012 Impact Award submission deadlines.

We are also pleased to announce the official launch of Bare Naked Bake Sale website. This site contains a complex and innovative crowd-funding platform that allows users to interact with organizers through fundraising activities and events to promote any given cause. BNBS combines crowdfunding in provocative ways to raise money for charities. We worked closely with BNBS founders in order to accomplish the unique needs, services and requirements of their site.
 This past month was very special to WebServes for a special milestone: we launched the greatest number of websites in the shortest time in the history of our organization. The following sites were launched in the last 45 days:


This accomplishment was made possible by streamlining the workload distribution among our teams, use of more effective collaboration methods and improved communication with our clients in order to better meet their goals.

This blog is a great resource for beginners and more advanced players in the world of Google Analytics. There are video webinars, archived topics and learning center resources for those who want to understand how to better drive traffic to their sites.

“Grants for Non-Profits” Index summarizes technology grants recently made available to non-profits to support their missions, increase tech innovation, and promote efficiency. Many major software manufacturers and hardware corporations have now made giving to non-profits across all sectors a high priority. These grants are available for non-profit- business-education or community partnerships such as supporting IT training for clients, graduating skilled workers or retraining employees.

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