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Simply put, WebServes’ mission is two-fold: to provide quality, affordable tech solutions to nonprofits and small businesses; and to foster professional development for new technology workers
You can Support Us in our efforts through two principal methods: Direct Giving and Sponsorships.


As a technology group, we depend on your generous support to keep abreast of current developments – research, software updates, computer upgrades, insurance, licenses, transportation costs and in-house projects that make us better at what we do and streamline our efforts to help those in need. Your financial contributions help us keep the wheels greased and the tracks clear.

Donate using PayPal for nonprofits


Our Sponsored Programs offer opportunities for publicly-identified, individual and institutional support for WebServes’ initiatives. Currently, there are three programs available to sponsoring entities: The mPathy™ Project, Technology Grant Program and the Mentorship Program.

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