Why Is WebServes

At WebServes, we believe that diversity is a strength, and pride ourselves on the ability to provide a rewarding experience in a cross-disciplinary, collaborative environment.
Whether students, recent graduates, underemployed, unemployed; those seeking new skills, WebServes is committed to the mentoring of its Tech Agents and Volunteers.

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What Is WebServes

Tech team meeting

WebServes was founded as a support system for neighborhood, community, and small-to-midsize nonprofit organizations. There has long been a national trend of underfunding critical technologies which organizations needed to deliver their programs effectively. In the nonprofit space, key programs for under-served communities might be funded, but the very technologies that enabled those programs often went unfunded.

Who Is WebServes

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Since 2004, WebServes has helped nonprofits, small & medium businesses to amplify their causes across many sectors. Let us help you now!

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WebServes is a tech company that values diversity and collaboration. We believe that our team’s varied backgrounds and experiences make us stronger.

Our cross-disciplinary, collaborative environment allows us to develop innovative solutions to complex problems

Tech team meeting