Why Is WebServes

WebServes illuminates the path for technological advancement in our contemporary digital world. As a respected 501(c)(3) nonprofit, their overarching mission is to champion nonprofits and small businesses, guiding them to unlock the expansive potential of online platforms and associated technologies. Through this dedication, WebServes aspires to not only bridge but eradicate the digital chasm that sometimes alienates grassroots and smaller entities, advocating for a digital landscape where every organization, regardless of its scale or resources, can flourish and realize its potential.

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What Is WebServes

Tech team meeting

Originating from the observed needs post-9/11, WebServes realized the technological gap affecting smaller nonprofits. This led to their journey of not only filling this gap but also creating pathways for underrepresented techs and digital creatives, especially women and minorities, to find opportunities and growth.

WebServes is more than a service provider. They’re part of a broad movement striving to be more inclusive, accessible, and empowering for all. The mission and values are not mere statements but a pragmatic and principled pursuit of humane uses of technology.

Who Is WebServes

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Since 2005, WebServes has helped nonprofits, small & medium businesses to amplify their causes across many sectors. Let us help you now!

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WebServes is a tech company that values diversity and collaboration. We believe that our team’s varied backgrounds and experiences make us stronger.

Our cross-disciplinary, collaborative environment allows us to develop innovative solutions to complex problems

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