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Why Support Webserves

WebServes promotes positive social change with humane technology – real-time advice, conducting assessments, design, implementation, and offering ongoing support. We work diligently to further the causes of nonprofits and social-benefit organizations. 

Since 2005, WebServes has been functioning as both an advocate and facilitator that is dedicated to advancing the goals of our client partners. As a distinctive nonprofit digital agency, we specialize in supporting the initiatives of other nonprofits and nurturing the next generation of tech professionals.

Our Commitments

Enhancing Nonprofit and Small Business Capabilities

Supporting WebServes means investing in the technological advancement of nonprofits and small businesses, helping them to operate more effectively in the digital age. This support can lead to increased reach and impact for these organizations.

Customized Digital Solutions for Diverse Needs

By supporting WebServes, donors and partners contribute to providing tailored digital solutions that meet the unique needs of various organizations. This customization is crucial for the effective digital presence and operation of these entities.


Bharathi Narasimhaiah

WebServes Tech Agent Alumnus


Driving Social and Economic Change

Contributing to WebServes is an investment in fostering economic opportunities in underserved communities and supporting vital social causes. This aligns with broader goals of social justice,
equality, and community development.

Making Technology Accessible and Affordable

Donations to WebServes help in making essential digital services accessible and affordable for organizations that might otherwise be unable to afford them. This democratizes access to technology,
especially for smaller entities with limited resources.

Ensuring Long-Term Success and Adaptability

By supporting WebServes, backers are endorsing an organization that values diversity and collaboration. This approach brings varied perspectives and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by nonprofits and small businesses.

Customized Digital Solutions for Diverse Needs

Contributions to WebServes are not just for immediate solutions they support the long term success and adaptability of client organizations in the dynamic digital landscape. This ongoing support is crucial for sustained impact.


Yarley Geffrard

WebServes Tech Agent Alumnus


Your support of WebServes contributes to the broader goals of empowering nonprofits and small businesses, fostering social and economic change, and ensuring the democratization of technology. 

Each contribution helps to build a more inclusive, innovative, and impactful digital ecosystem. We bring empathy to technology.

WebServes, Inc – EIN 20-1779667