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Simply put, WebServes’ mission is two-fold: to provide quality, affordable tech solutions to nonprofits and small businesses; and to foster professional development for new technology workers
You can Support Us in our efforts through two principal methods: Direct Giving and Sponsorships.


WebServes is a nonprofit technology services provider dedicated to creating social good by providing nonprofits the technology needed to achieve their mission. Your Cause is Our Cause: our vision is to be an effective enabler of our clients and partners’ visions. Over the years, we’ve made an impact with small businesses, startups, and nonprofits by bridging the technology gap through our range of services in web design, web and mobile development, cloud data tools, marketing and content creation.
Our Sponsored Programs offer opportunities for publicly-identified, individual and institutional support for WebServes’ initiatives.

Currently, there are two active programs available for funding and sponsorship opportunities:
mPathy™ Project: The mPathy Project aims to bridge the gap between tech-savvy designers/developers looking for opportunities to grow their experience and nonprofits/NGOs interested in possible tech solutions to aid their cause-related efforts.

Technology Grant Program: A WebServes Technology Grant doubles the value of your project budget with this one-to-one match, for each dollar your organization provides for a proposed technology services project, we will match that dollar with one of our own.

With your financial support, we can maintain our standards and expand our services to provide the best support and latest technologies to small-midsized nonprofits, enabling them to utilize the resources provided and reach the widest possible audience.

Together, let us sustain efforts that advance the social benefits of technology for all.


Our Sponsored Programs offer opportunities for publicly-identified, individual and institutional support for WebServes’ initiatives. Currently, there are three programs available to sponsoring entities: The mPathy™ Project, Technology Grant Program and the Mentorship Program.

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[accordion-item title=” The mPathy™ Project”]

WebServes’ mPathy™ Project develops mobile or web applications to address issues facing the most vulnerable sectors of our global communities. The project uses a long-form “hackathon” model where teams of 1-5 developers and designers have 8-10 weeks to create and present their proof-of-concept prototypes. The prototypes are evaluated for their usability, effectiveness, and innovation.

In each of the two annual project cycles the mPathy™ Project addresses a different critical issue identified by a different nonprofit/NGO partnering host. Most recently, ECPAT-USA was the beneficiary of an mPathy™ Project challenge in which participants designed a prototype for a reporting app to be used by the hospitality industry to combat the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

According to James Bradley, Executive Director of WebServes, “The world doesn’t need another dating or travel app, the world needs real solutions, good interventions for real problems. By participating in the project, developers are building a store of problem responses that can make a real difference in our communities, while also doing gratifying work.”

[accordion-item title=”Technology Grant Program”]

In keeping with our mission to empower nonprofits through technology, WebServes has developed a “Dollar for Dollar” matching grant program. For each dollar a not-for-profit organization provides for a proposed technology project, we match that dollar with one dollar’s worth of our services.

For a nonprofit or NGO ready to improve its presence – Web, Mobile, Social Media, Fundraising, Media Communication, Data Management – a WebServes Technology Grant doubles the value of its project budget with this one-to-one match.

The grant application process is simple. It is begun by the on-line submission of a very brief statement of interest. We then schedule a call to gather from the applicant organization the information that we need to make the award. An award document, including the amount of the award, work schedule and terms and conditions, is then sent to the grantee.
WebServes conducts two grant cycles each year.


[accordion-item title=”Mentorship Program”]

WebServes is also committed to its core educational program of mentoring and training our TechAgent recruits (interns & volunteers). TechAgents may be current students, recent graduates or unemployed individuals seeking new technology skills. We have developed an immersive, on-the-job educational framework that contributes directly to the strengthening and positioning of our TechAgents’ integration into technology-dependent communities and preparing them for productive work in technology fields.

Each TechAgent commits to a program of at least 12 hours per week for a minimum of six months during which time they work on actual client projects. At the conclusion of the mentoring program our new technology workers are able to enter the workforce with real-world experience and a portfolio of real-world work products.

While application to the Mentoring Program is open to ALL individuals, WebServes makes special effort to recruit women and minorities. Our diverse makeup of skills and backgrounds has not only allowed us to effectively service our clients, but also to cultivate a collaborative environment that encourages a rewarding learning experience for all involved.WebServes conducts two TechAgent recruitment cycles each year.



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