Transforming Web Presence to End Violence Against Women

Networks of Change drives social progress by leveraging media and technology to mobilize communities. With a focus on diverse sectors like political reform and education access, they collaborate with global partners to develop tailored strategies tackling pressing issues. Their small core team, supported by top talent, is dedicated to providing accessible, reliable information that empowers local advocacy and fosters meaningful change.

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The Challenge

Overcoming Digital Obstacles to Empower Women

Networks of Change (NOC), a social justice organization, faced a challenge with an outdated website that hindered effective communication and engagement. The specific focus was on promoting their impactful project, “Ending Violence Against Women,” aiming to empower journalists to report on this sensitive issue accurately and ethically. The existing platform lacked the necessary features to direct traffic to and promote the use of the project’s guide, hindering NOC’s ability to achieve its project goals.

The Process

Crafting a Strategic Journey for Digital Transformation

WebServes (WS) addressed the identified needs by developing a comprehensive strategy with two key dimensions:

  • A carefully researched and implemented SEO strategy and framework.
  • Creation of a more robust, extensible web content platform by re-platforming the existing NOC web platform from Weebly to WordPress. 
  • Provide expanded public access, promotion, and support for Violence Against Women (VAW) project content

The SEO strategy involved a multi-month plan, including onboarding, site review, strategy development, onsite optimization, adjustments, and ongoing monthly maintenance. It aimed to improve the website’s visibility, keyword rankings, and overall internet presence.

The Solution

The Tactical Approach to NOC's Digital Evolution

WebServes conducted a thorough baseline audit for the SEO component, reviewed the website’s strengths and weaknesses, and implemented a comprehensive keyword strategy. Landing pages were optimized, and social media strategies were developed to reinforce SEO efforts. The plan also included ongoing adjustments, new content additions, and monthly maintenance to ensure sustained progress.

Simultaneously, WebServes collaborated with NOC to enhance web content components. NOC provided all content for web sections and promotional materials related to the “Ending Violence Against Women” project. Discussions were held to determine key content and target audience segments. The user experience and information architecture were also considered, with a critical review and assessment of target audience segments.

The Outcome

Achieving Success Through Digital Empowerment

The collaboration between Networks of Change and WebServes resulted in a transformed digital presence that effectively promoted the “Ending Violence Against Women” (VAW) project. The SEO strategy significantly improved the website’s visibility, ranking, and overall performance. Landing pages were optimized, and fresh content was added regularly, ensuring a dynamic and engaging online presence. The website now serves as a comprehensive resource for journalists, contributing to the project’s goals of improving reporting on violence against women, increasing knowledge and skills, strengthening relationships, and enhancing public dialogue.

WebServes demonstrated its commitment to creative and technically effective solutions, aligning with the values of Networks of Change in its pursuit of human rights and journalists’ empowerment in combatting violence against women.