WebServes’ 18th Anniversary Reunion

Relive the magic of our fantastic reunion night!

From heartfelt stories to reflective moments, WebServes’ family came together for a night of pure joy and connection. Dive into the highlights, catch up on the familiar faces, and let the memories unfold as we revisit the incredible moments that made our reunion unforgettable.

Reunion Recap!


Celebration Video

  • A 5-minute video highlighting WebServes’ achievements over the past 18 years. (Sining Pan)


Impactful Stories from Diverse Perspectives

  • A current Volunteer on how their experience has contributed to their professional growth. (Ned Buffon)
  • A former TechAgent on how their experience impacted their personal growth. (Bharathi Narasimhaiah)
  • A former TechAgent and how their experience impacted their career and personal growth. (Yarley Geffrard)
  • Virtual Participant: A former Board member’s recollections of early challenges and memorable events. (Amy Hsieh)
  • Virtual Participant: A previous client and collaborator showcases their experiences and insights. (Aviva Rahmani)


Vision for the Future (James)


"You have been a beacon of excellence"

Hey WebServes team. [As] one of your board members, I wanted to wish you all congratulations on your 18th anniversary. Such an achievement. 

You have been a beacon of excellence over the last nearly two decades. Amazing work. I can’t wait for what the next two decades bring and more, I am sure [you’ll] continue to bring excellence to the nonprofit community and the Internet in general.

Sam Weaver, WebServes Board, CEO & Co-founder at Plural

Vision for the future

We aspire for WebServes to flourish as a compassionate tech organization, focusing on the critical technology challenges of our nonprofit clients. Evolving from its post-9/11 foundation, our aim is to become a resilient, empathetic community skilled in various domains, making meaningful impacts. We will focus on harnessing the evident benefits of our technologies while providing prudent advice and facilitation.

Moving forward, our key themes – Ethical Technology, Digital Inequality, Professional Growth, Giving Pathway, Responsible AI, and Social Engagement – will be pivotal in shaping our future collaborations and discussions, always with an eye towards tackling the essential tech challenges faced by our partners and clients.

We’re grateful to all of you who have contributed to our evolving efforts to facilitate the use of responsible technology for positive social change. We cherish the teamwork and camaraderie that has helped us overcome our many challenges and produce positive outcomes.

James Bradley, WebServes Executive Director


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