Congratulations to all participants in The mPathy Project’s first challenge competition hosted by ECPAT-USA!

The ECPAT Challenge invited participants to design a prototype app to be used in the hospitality and tourism industry to report suspicious activity related to the commercial sexual exploitation of children. At the Challenge Showcase hosted by Google NYC, finalists presented their projects and winners were announced.

We congratulate award winners: Joy Chiang Ling (1st), Asmaa Abbas (2nd) and Kristian Walsh (3rd) whose efforts are aimed at protecting children worldwide from sexual exploitation and trafficking. The winning apps will be incorporated into the efforts to develop and implement mobile tools which will help improve awareness and efficiently report cases of suspected abuse.

The mPathy team is ready to take the next steps joining ECPAT-USA, NCMEC and other interested parties to become part of real solutions to this challenge.

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