In the Summer of 2023, WebServes initiated its collaboration with Networks of Change in the mission to combat violence against women in Morocco. The project’s aim is to raise awareness and provide journalists with a comprehensive guide to reporting on this critical issue. WebServes has implemented the first phase of a web-based content strategy – along with an enhanced user experience design and effective SEO strategy – to maximize the impact of Networks’ multilingual guides and training videos. The goal is to empower journalists and editors to contribute to meaningful change.
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The Guide, “Reporting on Violence against Women: Not Your Ordinary Story Assignment”

In collaboration with Morocco-based organization, Mobilising for Rights Associates (MRA), Networks of Change has developed a comprehensive guide titled “Reporting on Violence against Women: not your Ordinary Story Assignment.” This guide, in Arabic, English, and French,  stands as a valuable resource for journalists (and editors) seeking to report on violence against women in Morocco more accurately. It provides essential information, best practices, and guidelines to ensure responsible and impactful reporting beyond incidents, to broader social patterns of abuse. Driven by the belief that social equity and fairness thrive when people are informed and engaged, Networks of Change harnesses the power of reliable information, media, and technology to inspire communities to take action to open democracies and advance human rights.

WebServes’ Expertise in Web Design, Development, and Integrated Digital Marketing

WebServes brings its expertise in web design, development, and integrated digital marketing (IDM) to this collaboration. WebServes is well-equipped to optimize the Networks of Change website and enhance the user experience. By implementing effective SEO strategies, WebServes aims to increase the visibility of the guide and ensure its content reaches a wider audience of journalists and stakeholders.


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