Have Social Media Grow Your Business

In the 21st Century, social media is one of the most powerful tools that can grow your business due to its ability to reach thousands, if not millions of people, with a single post. Social media strategy can be a tricky thing to master, as current trends are ever-changing. But there are a few key components to remember when crafting your brand’s social media strategy that can optimize your outreach and ultimate success. 


    • When looking to improve your social media strategy, you should first look at your existing social media posts and analyze which posts have performed well and those who have performed poorly. 
    • You should then analyze these posts and look for potential reasons why a post performed better than others and try to replicate elements of your successful strategy. 
    • Did the post use a different and more captivating color scheme? Was the video shorter and more to the point than your other content? 
    • Social media can be a very complex tool, and there can be several different reasons for why a post performed better than others. The more we understand what peaks a person’s interest in something, the more we can understand how to keep them interested and coming back for more. 


      • It is very important to encourage those who come into contact with your social media posts to interact with your content, whether it be via a like, comment or share. 
      • Many social media algorithms will boost content that has a higher level of user engagement, as it shows that viewers are intrigued by the content. 
      • Encouraging viewers to click on your profile, to click a link in your bio that takes them to your company’s website not only increases the engagement of your social media profile, but drives traffic to your website. 
      • An example of encouraging engagement with a post would be a social media account focused on food reviews encouraging viewers to comment their favorite pasta shape underneath a photo of spaghetti and meatballs. 
      • Another great way of boosting engagement is encouraging viewers to share a post with their friends. This directly boosts viewership and increases the possibility for more exposure. This also allows for the ability to directly interact with your followers. 
      • Responding to comments under your social media posts can create a more personal relationship with your viewers. 

      Frequency and Variability 

        • In order to keep your followers engaged, it is essential you post content frequently. 
        • Many social media platforms also place a high priority in their algorithm with accounts that post frequently. 
        • Try to post on social media at least a few times a week, daily posts are even better. 
        • Posting more frequently also gives you the chance to experiment with different kinds of social media content. 
        • Different people prefer various types of content, so when you incorporate a variety of content into your social media accounts, you are able to cater to a larger group of people. 
        • Different types of social media content include single photos, carousel or multiple media posts, videos, stories, and lives. 
        • Going live is a great way to directly interact with current and potential followers. It gives people the opportunity to ask questions about your brand, and you the opportunity to offer a first-hand answer to those questions. 


          • Collaborating with other brands’ social media accounts that have similar goals and values can be a great way to gain exposure to potential new followers and customers. 
          • Many social media accounts such as Instagram now allow joint posts between two accounts. This post shows up on the feeds of followers of both Instagram accounts, so your account will be shown to a whole new set of followers. 
          • You can also go live with accounts of similar interests to promote a sense of unity within your cause.  

          Ultimately there are several ways to grow your organization’s social media presence. Utilizing just one of these tactics will surely increase your account exposure. Utilizing all these tactics can even put your social media on the path to going viral! 


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